Creative Friday 12 January 2018

Creative Friday with blurred woolTomorrow, get creative again, 10:00 – 12:00! Bring your own project or try something new. Plenty of coffee on hand to fuel the process. Contact us for venue details.

Goggle Works this Friday 12 January

Goggle Works

Many complex factors contribute to poverty, but one simple contribution to fighting it is to help people to see better, so they can study and work. In fact, worldwide, half of all sight problems can be solved by using glasses to aid reading and close work. So join us on Friday 12 January in Colchester to help prepare another batch of secondhand glasses to send to our mission partners in Malawi. Starts 19:30 and there’ll be plenty of refreshments to keep you going. For more details, phone 01206 622712.

Eighth Day of Christmas and New Year’s Day

We hope you have a great New Year everyone!

As we look forward to the coming year, it’s good to remember that real ‘hope’ is fundamentally life-giving and God-given. What the world offers – wishful thinking or optimism – is very dependent on events, human effort and results.

This tweet from Peri Zahnd (@perizahnd) helps illustrate a simple, eternal truth about hope (which, like God’s peace, “passes all understanding”):

Yes, some tough things may have happened this year, but don’t be too quick to curse 2017 and wish it away. No, this is your life, it is a precious gift, and God is always with you. Live in and be grateful for every moment you have.  #HappyNewYear2018 #BlessedOldYear2017″