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Keeping it a healthy planet

Near Alresford, April 2021

Tomorrow is Earth Day and many people around the world will be marking this day to focus on the plight of our planet, which is under such pressure from human greed and neglect. There are deniers, but most environmental scientists agree that the world is reaching a tipping point of abuse and destruction that the natural order will not be able to recover from.

The difficulty is that we are all implicated in the problem. We travel, we consume gadgets, we enjoy warm homes, we generate waste, pollution and carbon. Eco goods, food and homes are available but they appear to be just for the well-off. What can the ordinary person do?

It’s baffling and it’s easy to feel that if big business or governments refuse to change their ways, what on earth can an individual do?

Here are some doable ways ahead – “four disciplines of the way”: start with prayer, live gently on the earth, commit to public witness, and get together to encourage each other. These are the key suggestions from the folks at Green Christian, and you can read more at their website here.

Easter Sunday

Following from the post below, here’s another difficult image! It declares an extremely difficult-to-believe idea (in ours or any other culture): that the man Jesus who was crucified on Good Friday was resurrected on Easter Sunday. But this was the unlikely conclusion that his dejected followers came to after a series of experiences on and following that Sunday.

From there on, these ordinary and unremarkable men and women found their lives transformed by a new vision of what it meant to be human. This wasn’t a new philosophy but, they came to understand, a decisive act of the loving creator of the universe to defeat the power of evil and death. Then, they were convinced, this made it possible for all people to be released from habitual fear, greed and violence. These followers got together and created communities open to men and women, slaves and free, and all races. They even considered all to be equal in Jesus and shared their possessions. You could call these communities ‘resurrection communities’ – a kind of evidence for that wild Easter Sunday claim.

So when these followers started travelling around the Roman Empire telling everyone about the risen Jesus (sounding as crazy then as it does now), people couldn’t help noticing how these followers lived: nobody had done it this way before.

Whatever people and kings and empires have done to religion since then (and much of it has been really bad), the Easter Sunday message still stands and still is crucial to the future of the human race. Why not read how the Gospel of John tells the story (links to Bible Gateway): here it’s both personal and cosmic. The story can seem old and distant, but the loving God who tells it still present and longing to give us a new vision of what it means to be human.

It’s not easy to contend with this story, in fact it will get threatening to our egos and ambitions if we do. But how else will we find out what’s really important in life? Start the journey that Jesus unfolds and you will enter into the releasing, enlivening power of the resurrection.