August break

We’re taking a break from our regular schedule in August. But there’ll be lots of opportunities for convivial get-togethers before the summer begins to fade! If you’d like to know more about what Colchester Vineyard is all about, if you want to explore faith or you are itching to work out or develop your faith in a practical way, then why not get in contact.

Barbecue Sunday 22 July

Instead of meeting at The Playhouse on Sunday 22 July, we’re having a barbecue, starting 13:00. Bring friends and food to share! For details, phone 01206 622712.

Goggle Works graphic
Many complex factors contribute to poverty, but one simple contribution to fighting it is to help people to see better, so they can study and work. In fact, worldwide, half of all sight problems can be solved by using glasses to aid reading and close work. So join us on Friday 6 July in Colchester to help prepare another batch of secondhand glasses to send to our mission partners in Malawi. Starts 19:30 and there’ll be plenty of refreshments to keep you going. For more details, phone 01206 622712.