Welcome to Colchester Vineyard

Colchester Vineyard is community of faith and action exploring the Jesus way. If you sense the world is not right – both out there and deep down inside – we’d like to suggest that the way of Jesus opens up hopeful routes and destinations. Fellow explorers are welcome! 

Obviously, activities are somewhat restricted in the present Covid situation but we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to know more.

Peace and blessings!

Limitless love

It’s often hard to accept that Love is the centre and motivating force of the universe. But this is the amazing assertion of the collection of writings that we have come to know as the Bible.

And the presence of love assumes that relationship is also at the heart of things. It seems, though, that humans – while desiring meaningful loving relationships – are at the same time spectacularly careless about them.

One of Jesus’s close followers wrote that “God is love”. He wrote that because he felt he had glimpsed in Jesus the embodiment of God – on Earth, vulnerable, and ready to bear the pain of the world. It was for him unfathomable, but the meaning of it inescapable.

Cosmic creator of a universe that scientists struggle to describe, and man executed on a cross. No-one ever attempted to bring such extremes together into one idea: that God loves the world so much that he could empty himself of God-ness to connect with us.

You can receive limitless love, it’s God’s unconditional gift for one and all. Allow this love to empower your own love. Allow this love to break down the limits to love that we have set for ourselves and for others – and for all the world.

Jesus wants us to follow in his footsteps of self-emptying love, and promises us the power of God to make it possible.

So keep loving, but remember you are not on your own!