Christmas: a life-changing challenge!

Merry Christmas! Christmas greetings to all — and particularly to those who have been working to support the eye-care services in Malawi (it couldn’t be done without you!).

As we see growing political, financial and social uncertainties at home and abroad, it’s easy to be fearful for the future. But Christmas is all about a wonderful, hopeful gift, and it’s this: the “Word of God became human [that’s Jesus] and made his home among us” in order that we may have an abundant life. This is not a call to ignore the big nasty world outside, and to escape to some private spiritual experience. Christmas is a call to find our true selves and true purpose so that we can engage with the world, equipped and resilient enough to survive well — and even to thrive.

But it’s a gift with a challenge, of course: abundant life can’t flower in the same body that harbours greed, hate or envy, for example. But Jesus both shows and provides the way through: embrace him and we enter a loving, redemptive and healing story that becomes our story. Our family’s story, our neighbourhood’s story, and ultimately, the world’s story.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone !