Africa: help locals develop eye care

Come to the next Focus on Malawi Goggle Works Party in Colchester on Friday 17 April at 7:30pm to help prepare glasses and equipment before they are shipped out Malawi.

There’s an important new piece of equipment to test – an auto-refractor. This machine is used to do eye tests to determine what glasses patients need. At present, staff mainly dispense simple reading glasses for long-sighted people, but with this machine, which virtually automates the testing process, they will be able to test for the full range of optometric needs.


But we need to calibrate the machine before it’s sent off, so this is where you can help too. Come along and we’ll see whether you need glasses or a change to your existing ones. (NB we’ll be providing this as guidance only; you should visit your GP or local optometrist as soon as possible if you think you have an eye problem.)

There’ll be plenty of tasty nibbles to keep you going, together with tea, coffee and some wine. Email us or phone 01206 622712 for more details.

Colchester Vineyard is supporting Focus on Malawi as it helps to develop self-sustaining eye-care in a number of mission hospitals.