Because of this you gotta celebrate!

Broken for you

Most people think that religion is about a God who’s out there somewhere, probably vindictive and ready to smite people. But this idea of God may not be right. The Christian view of God is that he is like Jesus. He didn’t smite anyone. True, he was a touch confrontational, because he saw that the powerful and rich were distorting the truth for their own gain. But at the same time, he was compassionate and made friends with ordinary folk, knowing it would cost him his life. He had a meal with his friends just before he died and said this would be a way of celebrating that, what appeared to be weakness, would lead to the best outcome ever: victory over evil and death.

This is not the God according to Monty-Python or dead religion. And if this really is what God is like, then you gotta celebrate!

We’ll be celebrating on Sunday 16 September at 15:00. For more info and venue details phone 01206 622712.