Befriending refugee families

Colchester Vineyard is privileged to play a small part in Colchester’s plan (through Essex Integration) to welcome and befriend refugees being settled in the town. We do this by sharing meals, introducing them to things locally, and trying to be of help as they come to terms with all that’s happened to them. Life is tough when all back home is destroyed, loved ones are unreachable or dead, memories are scarred, and where starting life over in a strange culture is so challenging.

But it’s not all negative, as there is much to hope for in the future. And through our new friends, we enjoy some amazing coffee, fabulous exotic cooking, and have lots of excuses to go sight-seeing and to parties. It’s also been great to get to know others in town who are doing brilliant work to support the refugees, such as Refugee Action Colchester.

We are all aware of the suffering of many millions of displaced people around the world today, but this is one simple way to make a vital contribution — on our ‘own doorstep’. If you’d be interest in getting involved, we’d love to hear from you!

Welcoming refugees to Colchester