The riots in England

It wasn’t long ago that we were asking everyone to pray for Malawi, as demos and rioting broke out in July. Now the prayers are needed for ourselves. But people are not just praying, they’re getting out to do stuff as well: catch this from Pete Greig of 24-7 Prayer, in Battersea, on Tuesday…

House group: new season

Our regular small group meetings will start again on 31 August 2011, following the summer holiday break. We’ll start off by meeting at the George, Colchester High Street, from 8pm. See you there!

Sailaway day at Tollesbury

Yesterday had an excellent day’s sail at Fellowship Afloat, Tollesbury. Strong (if slightly chilly) northerly winds meant some good sailing on the Blackwater. Picnic lunch on Osea Island and a barbecue back at the centre. Lots of good conversations and Hugh Dibbens told us about the adventure of following Jesus.