Celebrating life over death

This is the season of ‘All Souls’ in the Christian calendar. It’s a celebration of the victory of life over death and good over evil that we believe Jesus — “image of the invisible God” — brought about through his teaching, execution and resurrection.

Particularly it remembers those for whom Jesus has been an inspiration to live differently in a violent, greedy and individualistic world, and in extreme cases, at the cost of their lives.

But we can all point to ordinary people in our own experience who have provided a loving an creative influence on us. These people may not have been successful in the world’s terms but they brought something deeply positive and life-giving to our souls.

So celebrate such people with us today. And then let’s ask what kind of legacy we ourselves are leaving with those around us — particularly younger people. We might naturally feel at a loss regarding this, but that’s fine because it’s when the healing and saving love of Jesus can get to work our souls!