Conflicted at Duxford

eden-tree-colchester-vineyardColchester Vineyard peeps visited the Duxford aircraft museum on Saturday. It’s an amazing place: ingenuity, beauty, power all on display; close enough to see the instruments and smell the engine oil. Yet how is it that things so efficient in killing can look so beautiful? (Alright, there are a few ugly specimens.) Can we, with integrity, marvel at the elegance of a fighter/bomber (and the bravery of the pilots) without sensing the weight of pain and grief in the killing done? Here’s a deep mystery which seems to reflect the wider reality of the human condition. We are conflicted in heroism and cruelty, creation and destruction. We’re people made in the image of God’s goodness, but demanding to decide what’s good for ourselves. Heard the story of the Eden tree? Have you been told it’s irrelevant to modern society?