Easter’s nearly here, and Lent’s been going some time, but it’s still worth sharing this great little video. So find a quiet 15 minutes, attach some good sound production – and head out into the desert…

Western culture has a strong emphasis on pleasure and consumption, so taking time away from these things feels quite counter-cultural, and difficult. But it can be rewarding: a break helps us to reconsider things, get problems in proportion, find new life-giving paths.

Currently, we’re looking at the Christian tradition of Lent, and how it can be helpful in following Jesus today.  Not necessarily by giving things up (though not knocking that!), but by considering positive and creative action. Here are a couple of references that we’re finding helpful: 40 Ways: keeping a joyful, thankful, holy Lent by Maggie Dawn, and the Do Lent Generously website.