Data and privacy policy

The Colchester Vineyard missional project is a part of Rayleigh Vineyard and, as such, it adheres to that organisation’s data and privacy policy, which you can view here:

Data & Privacy Policy

However, until further notice, our contacts with those involved directly with Colchester Vineyard are not conducted through Rayleigh Vineyard’s systems, except for data related to regular giving through a standing order (see more on this below).

Communications with Colchester Vineyard people (appropriate to the informal nature of the project) are conducted mainly through WhatsApp. This system is based on every-member opt-in or opt-out, with encrypted end-to-end messaging. We store contact details on secure devices and encrypted backups.

Email communications may be occasionally employed to inform contacts about matters pertaining to faith, events, news and plans for the future, but will never contain information pertaining to other contacts. There is no guarantee of security of transit with email communications, and individuals agree to receive email communications, and communicate with us, under that understanding. To repeat, we store contact details on secure devices and encrypted backups.

The contact data held at Colchester Vineyard is minimal: names, phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, and birthdays. Our contact list is made up only of those who have requested to be in contact, and for whom we have a record of doing so. We do not share contact details with any other person or organisation. For those giving regularly by standing order, the policy of Rayleigh Vineyard applies.

Anyone may request to see what data is held on them, and anyone may request to receive communications no longer and/or to have their contact details deleted.