Easter: celebrating the Victory of God

Despite the challenges, worries and sorrows of this time, it’s such a blessing, in the circumstances, to have these sunny days and — for many of us anyway — the enforced time to notice Spring unfolding daily.

Though in the Vineyard we tend to sit pretty lightly on ‘religion’, we are very grateful for the traditional Christian calendar which helps to draw us through the whole spectrum of Christian belief and experience. Perhaps in this weird time, when the usual imperatives have been swept aside, we will find that this ancient rhythm of faith — like the seasons — speaks to us more directly.

Arguably, Easter has never felt so poignant to the time we live in. Fear, loss, suffering, sacrifice, death and a sense of defeat are experiences that not just individuals, but whole nations are going through now. Yet the heart of the message of Jesus is that somehow life worth having is born through loss and death. This — the Victory of God — is the message of Easter Sunday, the principal day of the Christian calendar.

So it’s good to bring our hearts and minds to a place where we can draw strength and inspiration from God through the ancient story retold this weekend, and celebrate it with others (albeit online!).

But when it comes to online celebrations, Colchester Vineyard is not going to try to compete with the expert Easter worship offerings that will be provided by the bigger or famous churches this weekend!

So, if you’re looking to join an Easter celebration, we suggest that you might like to visit somewhere such as Trent Vineyard (https://trentv.online.church), or Holy Trinity Brompton (https://www.htb.org/athome). You might have other possibilities in mind too.

For tomorrow, Good Friday, you might like to join in with a live meditation at taketime.org.uk starting at 10:00. Take Time provides the opportunity to meditate on stories from the Bible, in the Ignation tradition of imagining being within the time and place of the story, and allowing God to speak to our hearts through it.

We’ll also be having our usual TableTalk on Sunday at 14:30, via the Zoom conferencing system. Go to our TableTalk page for more info.