Easter eggs, bunnies and Jesus


For Jesus followers, Easter is as important as Christmas – possibly even more so. With Christmas, the big idea is God becoming human flesh in Jesus. At Easter, it’s about this God-in-flesh being killed and somehow bringing redemption and hope to a broken world. Weird stuff for most of us these days.

And then there are Easter eggs and bunnies: how do they relate to this?

As you may have noticed by now, things in life are seldom simple or tidy. It just so happens that Jesus was killed in the spring and, from the beginning of time, people have celebrated the new life of spring-time. In our culture, they’ve become rolled together and we get eggs, bunnies and an extreme form of Roman torture and execution rolled into one. That is really weird.

But sometimes you have to go with what you’ve got. So we’re giving out a load of Cadbury’s cream eggs in Colchester on Easter Saturday and, if you happen to get one, we hope you enjoy it! These are just token gifts, but the point is, we would love you to go beyond sticky chocolate eggs and get a glimpse of the gift of new life that Jesus holds out to the world and all people.

If you’d like to know more, why not come along to our next Vineyard Sunday Brunch at the Playhouse pub, St John’s Street, Colchester, on 27 April, at 11am? The grub’s on us! Or you can contact us by email, or by phoning 01206 62271