Eggs-pectation at Easter

colchester-vineyard-easter-eggsIt’s that season again, and Colchester Vineyard is looking forward to eating Easter Eggs (Don’t you mean giving away Easter Eggs?  – Ed). Okay, yes of course, we’ll also be sharing loads with neighbours in and around Colchester over the next week.

If you get one, we hope you’ll enjoy it! Apart from being quite tasty (despite what the manufacturers have done with the chocolate recipe), we’d like these to be a reminder for you of the gift of new life: both ‘spring’ life and spiritual life.

If you long for some meaning in day-to-day life, we recommend mixing the spiritual with the material. Jesus modelled partying, winding up religious people and doing amazing spiritual, supernatural stuff. But it was all one life: compassionate, powerful and profoundly meaningful.

Homestyle magazines tell you how to ‘get the look’. We’ve an idea how you can ‘get the life’. Do get in touch on 01206 622712, email us or come to one of our get-togethers. In the meantime, if you like reading, The Jesus Lifestyle, a book by Nicky Gumbel, might be useful.