We were out in Colchester today giving out some cream eggs to random shoppers, and about 350 people would have got one. If you were one of those super lucky ones and would like to know more about Colchester Vineyard, do send us an email: we’d love to meet up for a coffee and tell you more.

“When do you have your services?” you might naturally be asking. Well, we don’t currently have public services, but gather in local homes. We recognise it’s bit scary for newbies to visit a strange home without knowing anyone. But we do have a monthly Sunday Brunch at The Playhouse, St Johns Street, Colchester, which is a great way to get to know about us a bit, while enjoying a hearty breakfast. And it’s on us. (Next one’s on Sunday 28 April, 11am.)

Send us an email if you’d like to do brunch or if you’d like to meet up for coffee some time.

You never know, receiving that egg today might not be as random as it seemed.