Election fever

In one of the books of the Bible, God is reported saying to the human race: “my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways”. Is that reassuring? As we reach fever pitch in the election run-up, however, even the greatest God-sceptic might be tempted to hope there is a deeper wisdom to be found somewhere, or that the future is not entirely in the hands of politicians who are seldom ’very clear’ about anything other than their own insecurities and vanities.

That said, this post is not a call to some holy disengagement from political life – far from it.

Can we possibly discern God’s intentions in this election? Are God’s thoughts never ours? Well, despite the quote above, his purpose has always been that they will be shared, and that’s who Jesus is all about. He challenged his followers to act in justice and compassion, to rescue, to heal, to forgive and to embody God’s love in all parts of life.

No party or candidate is perfect but we can hold up what they stand for against Jesus and see what gets extracted. Then vote tactically and prayerfully.

Ultimately the future, we believe, is in God’s hands and we can take comfort (or at least feel less fevered) in having attempted to act, however falteringly, along with God’s thoughts and his good purposes for this wonderful world.