First aid for calming and nurturing mind and body in difficult times

Here we have links to some great resources for all of us as we adjust to, and cope with, the current situation. It’s important that we invest in our spiritual and mental health for our own survival — and as we try to support those around us.

Avoiding overwhelm — in this article, Kate Middleton (Mind and Soul Foundation) opens up how we get overwhelmed and gives practical advice on taking control:

One Day at a Time — short video talk by Kate Middleton, Mind and Soul Foundation, helping us to focus on there and now and not on the “what ifs?” of tomorrow or the next day. (3:54):

Passing the peace — a video by Kitty Wilder, Life Model Works, on a simple practice of remembering something that gives us peace and sharing it with others (11:04):
There’s a PDF handout that goes with this and you can access and download it here:

Four ways to beat stress — in two minutes, this video by Pete Wyatt (a professional counsellor), gives you the essentials! (2:06):

Finding your Anchor in Anxious Times — Zoom webinar recording by Marcus Horner, Deeper Walk International. This is a longer look at nurturing resilience, covering our thinking and doing (about 1hr). Sign up to Zoom required to watch.:

The Happiness Lab — podcasts by Dr Laurie Santos, including “Coaching Yourself Through a Crisis”. Simple but profound and well-researched wisdom on what makes for happiness: