From zombies and effigies to over-eating

What a strange week! On Monday people were dressing up in creative ways to look authentically scary, with the death, zombie, living dead theme. And on Saturday, many will be burning the effigy of a man on a bonfire. All jolly good fun, especially for the kids!

At the same time, on the news most days, there’s film of people suffering terribly as their homes and neighbourhoods are bombed to rubble.

Never mind, in a few more days, the shops will be really full of Christmas stuff and we can forget the living dead for a while as we turn to reindeer, jingle bells, fairies and too much food and drink.

There might be a few people out there who are not sure whether things should be quite like this. If you would like to explore some more hopeful, life-giving possibilities, why not check us out.

Middle East war

Authentic scary.