Good Friday, Good News!

Jesus crucified

Easter celebrates the ‘cross-roads’ of history, when love, forgiveness and sacrifice became the power to make all things new, for anyone, at any time.

This, folks, is the Good News of Jesus! He calls us to believe that the “power of self-giving love unveiled on the cross is the real thing, the power that made the world in the first place is now in the business of remaking it.”*

The forms of power that we are more used to – global empires, multi-milllion-pound businesses, all the way down to classrooms, families and gangs, are so often corrupt and self-serving versions of the saving, healing, life-enhancing power of the loving God.

And this is the God whose likeness we understand by looking at what Jesus said and did.

Good News for anyone, at any time!

*Tom Right The Day the Revolution Began SPCK 2016