Happy and thankful? Not me, I’m a consumer!

Today is the International Day of Happiness 2015! You’ll be glad to hear that the United Nations has agreed that “‘progress’ should be about increasing human happiness and wellbeing, not just growing the economy”.

Coincidentally, here at ColVin, we’ve been looking at how difficult it is to be thankful as people trained (as we all are) to be consumers. A society worshipping the god of consumerism by definition must never satisfy, it must always be creating envy and dissatisfaction. So to say we’re thankful displays a serious attitude problem. It almost amounts to a blasphemy, a treachery!

At the Vineyard, we believe human happiness and wellbeing stems from relationship, relationship with God and with people. The message of Easter is that God stops at nothing to get close and rescue us from man-made gods, and to restore our true value and status as human beings. No more need for self-actualisation or building self-esteem. Anyway, they always leave you with the feeling you’ll never actualise enough.

Jesus, the earthly manifestation of God, demonstrated what it’s like to be truly human and, in his life, death and resurrection, frees us from the burden of inventing and constructing ourselves. Then we can rest in the status we’re given as a birth-right: loved and valued by the maker.

That suggests happiness can be our default state. Now that’s something to be profoundly thankful for.

Here’s a bloke who talks about being thankful because of the happiness he found in God. Hear his amazing story here…

And then, when you have 20 minutes to relax, take a look at this short film.