Hearing through the chatter: something better

Ever find yourself on a train or in a café hoping for a nice quiet read but then find you’re sitting by people chatting too loudly? Try as you might – you’re so distracted you can’t even complete a page of the book.

The same happens on a larger scale with our lives: we have a hope or a goal, but we find them impossible to pursue:  they get lost in the distracting chatter of life. How do we go about beating this?

Sometimes, surprisingly, a solution might actually be in the chatter: the conversations, the media. Instead of trying to block the chatter, we can try to filter it. What do people actually mean? What is being left unsaid? Are there more meaningful alternatives out there?

There have always been alternatives: one story – about divine love – has been around for a long time. It’s not hidden (the clues are everywhere) but it does get ignored. It is constantly being told and retold and often it’s threaded in and between the chatter. And if we listen carefully, we can hear it. We can even hear it within ourselves.

Okay, so this is where we get specific (well, weve said were into spirituality…)

We believe this alternative is being communicated by the loving maker of the universe, who made his home with us as Jesus, and is constantly calling each one of us to connect with him. The idea is we give up our small ambitions for a bigger and better goal: abundant life and really useful stuff to do. Gods rolling a plan out for the world and hed love for us all to join in, promising us grace and power for the job.

Can you hear the chatter fading? If so, you might like to read a few paragraphs from the Good News of Jesus as told by John (one of his friends). Here you go.

But this is not about mere beliefs or ideas, it’s about a new life. Get in contact if you’d like to know more. And/or join us at our next Vineyard Brunch, on 11am Sunday 25 March, at The Playhouse pub, St John’s Street, Colchester (more info here). Expect convivial conversations, with tasty food being the only distraction.