Here and now

People often think that religion is all about our future fate: where you go when you die, about heaven and hell. At Colchester Vineyard, we’re more concerned about the present place and the present time.

Some live in the past, and some dream of a better future. This is not necessarily a problem, but if we are not properly in the now we can be disconnected from the only time we actually ever have – which is the present. Perhaps that’s a way of insulating ourselves from pain or disappointment about the way life has become.

And we’re not helped by living in a frantic and anxious age, constantly worried about productivity and targets, the next new thing and how to pay for it. We’re told that our economy even depends on this!

Jesus had a big emphasis on the present and said some radical things on not worrying about food or possessions. He also said that God’s just and compassionate reign was being launched all around, and that we could have food that satisfies and refreshment that would never run dry. Right away, right where you are, and for free!

Sounds unreal? Well perhaps not. Many people are finding that turning to “being present” to place, people and experiences brings a new quality of life. And we think that being present to the loving God (exemplified in Jesus) activates an exciting but challenging path to our true, as-God-designed-it, humanity.

Contact us if you’d like to know more! Warning: we’re not experts in this, just explorers!

So be sure to be here now—and not somewhere else! If our minds or hearts are elsewhere, nothing really happens to us that matters or lasts” – Richard Rohr.