Hospitality’s sweet

This week we’re looking at how Jesus challenged contemporary assumptions about who would make it into the in-crowd. As ever, the successful, beautiful, healthy, wealthy crowd ran the show. Jesus, however, was saying that God’s priorities were different, and his disciples set off to disrupt the world-order.

But the job’s not done: human systems continue to be expert at affirming some and marginalising others. So, practically, how can we act differently?

Hospitality is one aspect we’re exploring. Could a generous attitude of hospitality cut through isolation, prejudice and fear? Well, Jesus ate and drank his way through his earthly ministry, embracing all. The in-crowd hated it, the out-crowd loved it.

But this is not a political or social programme, it’s more warm and personal than that. It’s a call to encounter, changed priorities and  relationships. We believe it’s God’s way of wooing the world to him. For the out-crowd, his hospitality is sweet.

Now we’ll see if we can do this stuff. Like to join us?