Join the fight — Join the movement

Slavery is stealing the lives and hopes of millions of children and families around the world. Globally, more than 35 million people are trapped in slavery. THEY HAVE NO HOPE OF JUSTICE OR FREEDOM.

But the time has come when those who steal the lives of the poor will face swift justice. Because slavery can only be stopped when criminals know they cannot get away it. EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO BE FREE AND SAFE.

For millions in our world, freedom and safety cannot come without a fight. One organisation cannot end slavery alone – a movement does. This fight can only be won with an army of passionate supporters. Only with this support can we keep fighting until all are free. If we want to see all children free and safe, then we must unite and fight together.


Abi Jarvis will be telling us about how IJM (International Justice Mission) has joined the fight and is helping to create create change. 11:00, Sunday 5 June. For details of the venue and for more info, please phone 01206 622712 or email