Keeping it a healthy planet

Near Alresford, April 2021

Tomorrow is Earth Day and many people around the world will be marking this day to focus on the plight of our planet, which is under such pressure from human greed and neglect. There are deniers, but most environmental scientists agree that the world is reaching a tipping point of abuse and destruction that the natural order will not be able to recover from.

The difficulty is that we are all implicated in the problem. We travel, we consume gadgets, we enjoy warm homes, we generate waste, pollution and carbon. Eco goods, food and homes are available but they appear to be just for the well-off. What can the ordinary person do?

It’s baffling and it’s easy to feel that if big business or governments refuse to change their ways, what on earth can an individual do?

Here are some doable ways ahead – “four disciplines of the way”: start with prayer, live gently on the earth, commit to public witness, and get together to encourage each other. These are the key suggestions from the folks at Green Christian, and you can read more at their website here.