Life-giving or life-taking?

halloween-colchester-vineyard-2Our wonderful consumer culture delivers stuff – but messes with all that it embraces. In a couple of months’ time, the birth of a subversive prophet who spoke about new life will get turned into a pandemonium of shopping, eating and drinking; a few months later, the sacrifice of the same prophet will cause the market to be flooded in chocolate. And it seems that it would be impossible to celebrate mums or dads without going shopping first.

At this time of the year, the marketers tell us to spend money on celebrating death – or at least the fear of death and those who have died. Okay, Halloween’s not marketed exactly like that!

But whether the ideas that these events are based on are life-giving, or life-taking, the consumer machine takes over and drains out the meaning. At Colchester Vineyard we’re very interested in what gives and sustains life, and the meaning behind it – so we’re trying to cut through the mess. Like to join us in the task?