Light of the World

Light of the world graphic

Jesus said: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me has the light of life”.

What a promise! What a hope held out to us in a world of conflict, lies and injustice.

But what does it mean to follow Jesus? It may be different for different people, but essentially it means letting go of ourselves as we allow Jesus’s teaching and example to give us a new agenda for life. And that’s a life moving towards trust in God and love for others, and away from anxiety, fear, and hate. This is what will ultimately bring an end to violence, poverty and injustice on earth.

This is the true meaning of Christmas, because the celebration marks the amazing moment when God a became flesh as Jesus – “God with us”. The moment when he would begin to reveal what what it meant for us to be truly human, and would promise to work with us for that transformation.

Don’t let our trashy, frantic commercial Christmas take away from you the opportunity to think about what it might be like to have “the light of life” for your life and relationships. The “Light of the World” is knocking and he just longs for you to open the door.