Living the life local

Today, much of life sees us in networked communities enabled brilliantly by the internet and easy travel. So the people we connect with can be anywhere but our own neighbourhood. 

But as traditional meeting points and institutions lose their value, we can find our physical neighbourhoods to be full of strangers and lonely people, leading many to question whether this is good for the life of towns and cities. 

At Colchester Vineyard, we love he connections and facilities the internet provides but, at the same time, we are passionate about the local – and that’s where our focus lies. We like local shops, local causes and local walks. 

As a community of faith, our life is not based around a Sunday service but instead growing ’communities of good news’ up and down the streets where we live. 

This good news is that Jesus – who on earth showed what God is really like when he ’moved into the neighbourhood’, is calling everyone to a different take on life. Away from shallow relationships and spiralling consumerism and towards enriching relationships and health-giving goals. 

If you’re interested in the life local, we’d love to hear from you.