Next Goggle Works: Friday 24 February, 7.30pm

This guy lives in Malawi, south eastern Africa, and he’s pretty pleased because he’s just been prescribed some glasses. He got them at a mission hospital, but could not have afforded them from an optometrist in the nearest city. Glasses such as these have been donated by people in the Colchester area, and we collect them in partnership with Focus on Malawi.

We’ve had loads more donated in the past two months, so they need to be checked, cleaned, measured and labelled. And we’d love you to help us do this by coming to our next Goggle Works party. It will be on Friday, 24 February, at 7.30pm.

Full training provided (it’s very simple, really) and to help the evening along, there will be plenty of coffee, tasty Africa-style nibbles, and even the odd bottle of wine! For more details, email Sue.