How to interpret the Bible?

The Bible is a big book, and Christians believe it is the word of God. It was written over many hundreds of years and it contains many types of writing, including poetry, narrative and parables. There are parts where the language is plain and the message clear, but other passages where effort is required to discover the meaning. To help us do just this, Steven Burnhope is leading our next Theology Day on Saturday 17 September, at Gateway Vineyard, Dartford in Kent. He’ll be looking at questions such as “What is ‘the big story’ of the Bible all about?”, “What is ‘the gospel according to Jesus’?” and “Can I live in faith and still have doubts and questions?”. More info here.

We now have a Facebook fan page

Colchester Vineyard now has its very own Facebook fan page. More needs to be done to customise it. New posts on this website should automatically appear on the fan page (although at first try, one post has appeared there twice). Anyway, if you’re a Facebook user, become a fan!

House group: new season

Our regular small group meetings will start again on 31 August 2011, following the summer holiday break. We’ll start off by meeting at the George, Colchester High Street, from 8pm. See you there!