Sailaway day at Tollesbury

Yesterday had an excellent day’s sail at Fellowship Afloat, Tollesbury. Strong (if slightly chilly) northerly winds meant some good sailing on the Blackwater. Picnic lunch on Osea Island and a barbecue back at the centre. Lots of good conversations and Hugh Dibbens told us about the adventure of following Jesus.

Demos, riots and killing in Malawi

It’s with sadness that we’re receiving reports of rioting and killing in Malawi, especially in the area around Mzuzu, where we have friends and colleagues. We pray that the churches will be a strong witness for peace at this time. And we remember that, in all the political and social upheaval, it will be the poor and vulnerable who suffer most. Colchester Vineyard supports the development of eye care in northern Malawi through Focus on Malawi. More info at the BBC’s Malawi page.