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Colchester Vineyard is community of faith and action exploring the Jesus way. If you sense the world is not right – both out there and deep down inside – we’d like to suggest that the way of Jesus opens up hopeful routes and destinations. Fellow explorers are welcome! 

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Peace and blessings!

Good Friday

Jesus on the cross

This is a difficult image in a time when we put a high value on pleasure, success, not being a loser.

Perhaps you’ve heard the old story that a man who claimed to be the saviour of the world was crucified on ‘Good Friday’. This man believed he was achieving something wonderful for all people – by losing.

Ponder today on what, deep down, you feel is winning or losing. What’s worth having, or not.

Does this man speak to you today?


We live in a world of facts and functionality – and we celebrate much of what that achieves: for example ‘following the science’ is good for beating Covid-19. But it’s become evident that our emphasis on data and productivity has downgraded things like love, honesty, wisdom, spirituality, and care for the environment. If things can’t be quantified or monetised, they literally don’t count.

Hildegard of Bingen

Every now and again, people appear who manage to span this quantifiable-unquantifiable divide. One of them was a German woman named Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179). She was an accomplished writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic and polymath, writing theological, botanical and medicinal texts. She was known for perceiving the integratedness of all things, from the individual to the universal and cosmic, all encompassed by God’s love.

She knew nothing of the the facts-versus-wisdom, faith-versus-science divides we have in our society, where we urgently need to see science and technology talking ethics and compassion, spirituality earthed in everyday life, and everyday life nurturing the environment.

Her achievements were extraordinary for her time, and all the more so in a culture where women normally had no voice at all. She continues to be an inspiration today.