Armchair Retreat Wednesday 4 March

Armchair Retreat graphic

On Wednesday 4 March, it’s Armchair Retreat, a time of quiet centring when we can learn to allow room in our heads for silence and peace. We have simple centring exercises to help this work, and all is done in the context of Jesus, ‘Emanuel’ — God with us.

This is suitable for all, whether you’re a Jesus follower or not, or whether you’re a mindful starter or not. If you just want some quiet space and an encouraging environment, while learning more about mindful practice, why not give it a try? 10:00 – 12:00, with coffee and time to chat. Call 01206 622712 for more info and venue details.

Focus on Malawi: Next Goggle Works 21 February

The year is already speeding on, the medical students in Malawi are busy at college, and were looking forward to the next Goggle Works Party. Join us on 21 February 19:30 to help sort and measure donated glasses, check and repair donated equipment, and pack the next delivery to Malawi. And with plenty of refreshments to keep you going. No previous experience necessary! Call 01206 622712 for more info and venue details.

Goggle Works graphic

Armchair Retreat Wednesday 5 February 2020

Would you like to find some peaceful mind-space in all the busyness and noise of everyday life? Our Armchair Retreats might be a place to start. Next one is on Wednesday 5 February 10:00-12:00 at a home in Colchester. Plus nice coffee! For more details call 01206 622712.

Brunch this coming Sunday 26 January 11:00

On this coming Sunday 26 January, you’ll be very welcome to our Vineyard Brunch at The Playhouse, St John’s Street, Colchester. Starts 11:00. Good grub and good conversations! Do invite a friend. And you never know who you might meet…

Sunday Brunch at The Playhouse