Syrian Cookbook launch at Firstsite Thursday 8 November

Since our Syrian friends arrived nearly three years ago, we have been treated to some amazing meals with recipes from their homeland. We’ve watched in awe at how an expert choice of affordable (including for us hitherto unknown) ingredients can make such quality and tasty fare.

Syrian meal
(Credit: Marwan Sallouta)

Recently, they’ve been very busy compiling a cookbook of their favourite creations, in association with Refugee Action Colchester and Firstsite. The pictures of the dishes were taken by Marwan Sallouta, a professional photographer,  and the book designed by artist Gee Voucher.

On Thursday 8 November, they’re launching the cookbook at Firstsite, and all are welcome from 18:00 to 20:00. More info at Firstsite here.

Next Goggle Works Friday 19 October

Goggle WorksMany complex factors contribute to poverty, but one simple contribution to fighting it is to help people to see better, so they can study and work. In fact, worldwide, half of all sight problems can be solved by using glasses to aid reading and close work. So join us on Friday 19 October in Colchester to help prepare another batch of secondhand glasses to send to our mission partners in Malawi. Starts 19:30 and there’ll be plenty of refreshments to keep you going. For more details, phone 01206 622712.