It’s personal, and down-to-earth

The upheavals happening all around us at the moment are unique in most people’s memory. The certainties of the post-Cold War world order have all-but gone, as global shifts in power, security and people show no signs of settling down. With all the issues surrounding war, violence, climate change, globalisation, refugees, wage inequality, race-hate, poverty, and that old exit thingy, it’s no wonder that our politicians keep resigning.

As followers of Jesus, what do we think about this? Is Christianity just about finding an escape route to heaven from an earth that can feel like hell? We don’t think so. We believe that God (whose true likeness was revealed on earth in Jesus) is very interested in heaven’s values coming down-to-earth, and the way he has chosen to do this is through individuals. This is for two good reasons.

One, he loves individuals passionately, and two, he knows that all the problems in the world stem from… individuals. So with God it’s always personal as well as global. He has a world plan, but it starts with every individual.

The personal message is that everyone is of value beyond measure and that God loves us so much that he doesn’t want us to destroy ourselves. Jesus said “do to others as you would have them do to you” and promised that if we are willing to have a go at this (and other simple but profound ideas), he will supply his spiritual power to help.

We believe that this has already had a remarkable effect on the world, but there’s much more to do. However, even today’s extreme problems do not mean that followers of Jesus do a bunk and go for holy escapism. Rather, they must be totally immersed in and committed in love for the world to help make it healthy, peaceful and life-giving place.

God sees you as a valuable beyond measure (a treasure!), and he doesn’t want you, or your relationships to self-destuct. Be part of the solution, with God’s help. Does that seem unbelievable? We believe this personal, loving God is already on your case.