Scrambling Easter with eggs

Scrambled eggs

It’s that time of year again when some people get upset about the traditional Easter getting forgotten — or, worse suppressed — by the march of secularism. This year, we’ve had egg hunts de-Eastered and beer advertised off the back of Good Friday. It seems that religious people are very sensitive and are always pleading not to be offended.

Yet, it was Jesus being slandered as a friend of criminals, drinkers and outsiders that gives hope to ordinary people who struggle in life. It was the offence of Jesus being put to death on the cross that is the source of hope and life for all.

At Colchester Vineyard, we believe that what Jesus did on the cross and what happened on Easter Sunday is so cosmically powerful that religion doesn’t need to be ‘protected’. Jesus didn’t advocate we retreat into a fragile place of protection, but to get on a life-long adventure with him that’s likely to be difficult — and, for some, dangerous. But he promised to be with us through it all as he works out his good purposes for the world.

What’s more, the connection between the Jesus and eggs is hardly theologically sound, and many think English word Easter refers to a pagan goddess!

So forget the traditional, scrambled thinking about Easter. Focus on Jesus, let him be your guide and you’ll find the true meaning and power of Easter in your life and in the world.