Sunday 11 September worship

In a culture where the existence of God is not considered a sensible possibility, the idea of worshipping God seems to be weird or delusional. But everyone worships something – a hero, a pop idol or a car. And we are all encouraged to worship ourselves.

Jesus encouraged his followers to look outside themselves, to give, to forgive, to be hospitable, to serve, “It is more blessed to give that to receive”. There’s a mystery in this that flies in the face of our materialist, consumerist, ego-centric culture.

Do you worship yourself? We think you will find this dissatisfying in the long run. If you’d like to try the alternative (worshipping the God who made and sustains the universe), you can do so anytime — like now!

On Sunday 11 September 2016, we’ll be getting together to worship God at 11:00. And if you’d like to know more, or would like to try worship with Colchester Vineyard, get in contact (01206 622617 or by email).