Supporting the development of eye-care in Malawi

Malawi, in south-east Africa, is a beautiful country often known as “the warm heart of Africa”. The people are friendly, and the climate is not extreme. But the land-locked country is very poor and few people have access to good healthcare and secondary education. With Focus on Malawi (based in Colchester) Colchester Vineyard is supporting mission hospitals in northern Malawi to develop eye-care. Two clinics are now in operation and a third will start later this year.

One of the ways we support the clinics is by sending out checked and measured second-hand glasses. These are dispensed from the clinics at a price ordinary country people can afford, and the revenue is used to help pay staff.

Goggle Works 28 April 2107

At our Goggle Works parties we do the checking and measuring of the donated glasses. We have two of these parties coming up soon: this coming Friday 28 April at 19:30, and another on 19 May same time, and both in Colchester. Would you like to help? Everyone is welcome; no previous experience is required. And there will be plenty to eat and drink to keep you going. To find out more, contact us!