TableTalk on Sundays

Before the coronavirus situation, we gathered most Sundays in homes or at The Playhouse pub to eat lunch together and talk over a range of issues and ideas. Everyone, believer or non-believer, had the chance to share their feelings and beliefs without fear of criticism or being argued down. We nick-named this our “disagree well club”. It helped of course that the focus of our gathering was to share tasty food on a big table!

Depending on the current situation, we either meet up socially-distanced in Highwoods Country Park or on Zoom, at 14:30 most Sundays.

Table Talk graphic

Someone said that “the first act of love is to listen” and this is when people really get to know each other, appreciate and respect different standpoints from their own, and enjoy the experience.

It’s also, we believe, a way that we can hear from God – through each other – and when God’s healing and peaceful presence can do its wonderful work.

TableTalk is at 14:30 most Sundays. Call 01206 622712 for more details.

Note: You can run Zoom on computers and smartphones. If you don’t have any of those or your broadband is very slow, it’s also possible to join in by phone.