TableTalk on Sundays

Meeting at the table to chat and eat together is one of the most important thing we can do at any time, but especially in our rootless and fractured society today.

Here’s space to bless one another by making and sharing food, by listening without demanding the ‘correct’ answers, and without needing to compete or to win an argument.

This is when we start to get to know each other, appreciate and respect different standpoints from our own, and enjoy the experience.

Table Talk graphic

It’s also, we believe, a way that we can hear from God – through each other – and when God’s healing and peaceful presence can do its wonderful work.

Every Sunday except the fourth Sunday of the month, when we have Brunch at The Playhouse.

TableTalk Starts at 13:00, bring something tasty to share. Call 01206 622712 for more details and venues.

NB: we do not provide public Sunday worship services.