The Advent of Christmas

It’s been looking a lot like Christmas everywhere for a while now. We’re all being softened up to spend as much, or more than we can afford so that we can have the perfect Christmas. Buying our way to perfection though, could be difficult. But the message of Christmas is not about perfect stuff, instead it’s about the story of the creator God becoming human as Jesus and living with us to bring good news, especially to the poor, sick and imprisoned. This is not the freedom manifesto of a political or philosophical system, but an attitude anyone can have, and a way of life anyone can do.

Jesus was the embodiment of God – and he modelled God’s principal characteristic: love. Love is hard to understand because it can’t be defined easily. Perhaps it can only be felt. It’s unusual to find philosophers recommending love pure and simple, but here’s Slavoj Žižek, the “Elvis of Cultural theory”, doing just that.

Can we tap into God’s love today? We believe that God’s at work all the time encouraging people to step towards him, to receive his love and to find new freedom and life. And he’s particularly at work in non-believers!

This is the Advent season. Advent means “the Coming” – not the coming of Santa, but the celebration of an amazing act of love for all.