The other Apprentice series


At Colchester Vineyard, our aim is not to be religious, or to be ‘church-goers’, or to get spiritual therapy for a busy life. Our aim is together to help people follow Jesus and see where that leads. We believe that God revealed himself in Jesus and that, by following him, people are drawn closer to the ‘good and beautiful life’. Is this about making life nice and cushy? No, probably quite the opposite: following Jesus is a risk and an adventure. But if you like the sound of adventure, read on!

What is this adventure? Well, as people become apprentices of Jesus, they’re going to see the world and themselves his way. This will have a profound effect on how they develop as people and what they do in the world. Self-centred attitudes and destructive habits are checked; and a desire to bless people, especially the hurting and the poor, becomes more insistent. They are taking on the character of Jesus. Yes, really! And it could be you. And it could be awesome.

So this week, we are starting a new series of learning together entitled “The Good and Beautiful life”. We’ll be looking at contemporary notions of happiness and success, where they fail, what the alternatives are, and what action follows. Our course is organised around James Bryan Smith’s book “The Good and Beautiful Life”.

You might like to check his book out to see what we’re on about. Here’s a link to its Amazon UK page.

This course will take us into the August holiday period when we won’t have regular home groups. But people can keep up progress on the beach or wherever.