The God Jesus knows

Many of us feel we are spiritual beings, but find church-based religion unconvincing, unattractive and irrelevant. And the God we’ve heard about seems distant, and probably angry — or at least disapproving.

But Jesus talked about a different God, someone he called father, and who yearns to transform and give good gifts. So how might we get to know this very different and accessible God?

At Colchester Vineyard, we’re going through James Bryan Smith’s excellent guide to the God Jesus talked about. Smith helps us reframe our understanding of God, and gets us to confront our own agendas, especially where they lead in a destructive direction. As he does so, he leads us through some very practical ‘soul training exercises’. They’re going to be fun, and quite possibly life-changing!

Our first soul training exercise is on getting enough sleep.

You can check out The Good and Beautiful God, on its Amazon page, where you can take a “look inside”. If you like what you see, you might like to join us.

No need to bring pillows, but we will make sure we finish at a sensible time.

We get together to go through this book on Tuesday evenings (8-9.30pm), and on Sundays from 12.00 to around 4 (including pot-luck lunch). For more info, email, or phone 01206 622712. All gatherings in Colchester.