The Sunday no-one expected

Jesus had taught that two seemingly separate realms — heaven (God’s realm) and earth — were now coming together. “The Kingdom of God is upon you”, he said, and his close followers were coming to the conclusion that somehow he could be the place where they met.

Cruelly, the events of Friday had put that sort of thinking on hold. But from the Sunday, reports started to come in that he was alive and kicking, and in a new way. Perhaps if earth and heaven were so close, overlapping even, it would be possible for Jesus to pass from one to the other…?

During the days after the Friday-at-the-centre-of-time, some fairly ordinary men and women began to comprehend some extraordinary things about their friend and teacher Jesus. A new age had dawned, they dared believe, brought about by God through their friend. An age where love and hope wins, replacing the old one of pride and retribution. It hadn’t been tried before, so was about as unbelievable as, er… resurrection.

No-one expects resurrections — even in ancient times. But our guys had to face something new: something wildly cosmic but oddly gritty had happened in their own seeing and hearing. Somewhat shocked, they concluded that their friend Jesus was the first of a new creation, of a new way of living on earth, of a new relationship with God. They soon realised that his was a prototype for all people and, though they were very ordinary and unknown, they would have to tell the world.