Time for change!

Christ has hied, Christ is risen, Christ will come again

One of the amazing messages of Easter is that the usual rotten order of things can – and will – be changed. But effective change mostly takes place inside us. Interestingly, Jesus never wrote a rulebook for Christian behaviour, instead he questions what is going on with our motives, and where our heart is (as a result, it’s impossible to be a ‘good Christian’).

Here is the challenge to let go of deep-down selfish agendas, so that life-giving ones can be born in us. Even small agenda changes inspired by the Spirit of Jesus will have big effects. It will effect how we treat others, and how we respond to disappointment, success, illness, loss, riches, love and hurt. This is where the usual order of things will be changed, and the Easter story of resurrection is the starting point.

“Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again!” is an ancient Easter saying of Jesus followers. It notes that the usual order of things is awful, while affirming that Jesus has done something so costly and radical that the future is changed for ever. Jesus didn’t challenge systems, he challenged people. But changed people can change the crappy order of things. Time for change, folks!