Is the world too important to fail?

As if we couldn’t make the connection all by ourselves, armies of people are determined to drill into the people of Britain that the First World War began 100 years ago. The barrage is so insistent that it almost feels that we’ve started our year from the muddy trenches of Flanders. What’s worse, some commentators are pointing out that the global situation just prior to, and causing WW1 has ominous similarities to the situation today.

But even putting WW1 aside, many are feeling a bit shell-shocked at the beginning of 2014 — what with government services cuts, failed banks, debt, unemployment, housing prices, flooding, etc, etc. And that’s without starting on all the woes abroad.

So should we be worried? And is there any hope?

Colchester Vineyard thinks 2014 is going to be a great year. Not because the concerns and tragedies are unreal, nor because all hopes will be magically met, but because there is a way to work for hope in a threatening world.

Is the world too important to fail? We think so. In Jesus, God launched a rescue package for the world which involves everyone being invited to a different way of living, to get caught up in the ultimate renewal of things.

And we can do this at any time: at home, at work, with our neighbours, in politics, science or the arts.

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