Warning! The company you keep tells all

If you’re interested in how the internet is changing our brains, our behaviour and society, Nicholas Carr’s Rough Type blog is a must read. His latest post reports on how lenders are scouring social networks to define the credit ratings of would-be borrowers.

Companies are developing clever algorithms that assess our characters and reliability from what we say online and, importantly, the company we keep online. It looks like you might find it difficult in the future to get a loan if you have some friends with dodgy credit histories.

And who else is crawling around unseen, using our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles and connections to pronounce judgement?

Being judged by the company we keep is nothing new, of course. Jesus had this problem. Though he was a good Jewish boy, he mixed with the wrong crowd – the sick, the oppressed, the falsely accused, people from the wrong wrong race, criminals, country bumpkins. As a result, he got a zero credibility rating from the people with power and influence.

Could Jesus have avoided the trouble he got into by being more careful? Should we unfriend people on Facebook who might destroy our credit ratings?

Jesus chose his friends deliberately and, in doing so, sent shockwaves through his city, setting in motion forgiveness, release, healing and a new vision for being human. So, should we be worried who’s following us on Twitter or who are our ‘friends’ on Facebook? Nah!